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Introducing our latest addition to the Tribe fam...


HiKee's Organic Pure-Fume Spray blend in Love Roux!


Our organic Pure-Fumes were created to escape the suffocation of retail fragrances, which are harmful to the body's nervous system.  Created as an alternative to today’s perfume in most retail stores, these Pure-Fumes were designed to keep us staying fresh, while treating our beautiful bodies with love through the power of safely sourced essential oils!


Featuring our new organic alcohol derived from sugarcane & corn, including wildcrafted witch hazel base, our sprays are powerful and exploding with shower-fresh notes of pure life.


Love Roux includes a fruity, citrus blasts of Clementine, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit, with a burst of Ylang Ylang for fresh, more feminine notes, this Pure-Fume inspires flirtiness to all that use it.


Available in 2oz, 60mL sprayer form.




  • Hold carefully and shake your spray bottle gently, but vigorously for 10-15 seconds before each use to ensure mixture is homogeneous before application. 


  • Spray 3-5 mists onto body directly (avoid eye area during application). Best when sprayed onto bare forearms, under arms, upper chest, and behind ears, but safe for use everywhere! 


  • Reapply mist as needed throughout the day. Best when used directly onto the body and safe to use on most clothing.


Safe for daily use around everyone, especially those sensitive to standard synthetic fragrances! 


For external use only.



Available in 60mL/2oz. Spray Only. Safe for daily use!

Love Roux Pure-Fume Spray

  • Organic Alcohol (derived from corn & sugarcane) and Witch Hazel Base, Organic Palmarosa, Egyptian Geranium, & Lavender Essential Oils.


  • Thank you for shopping at HiKee Essential Oil Blends LLC.  If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, it is our priority to makes things right as soon as possible. 


    All sales are final.  We only accept exchanges or replacement for any items damaged in transit. 


    You have 5 (five) days to exchange an item from the date of purchase.  To request an exchange,  you must contact us at with your full name and order number in the subject line within 5 days of receiving your order.  Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond to your inquiry.   

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