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Very Important!  Please Read before Using!

Before you start using your HiKee oils or sample blends, please review the following two PDF instruction guides below

in order to get the best results when using our topical blends.

These listed recommendations are the current methods of application that we're using with each blend.

Note that most emotionally-driven blends tend to work best on pulse points, such as wrists and inner elbow creases,

while relief blends should be applied primarily on the specific areas in need of aid.

Please review both the "Oil Blends Instruction Guide" and "HiKee's Promise & Other Kee Points"

PDFs below for proper application methods.

How to Apply Our Blends


Click Link Above for Oil Application Instructions

Click Link Above for More Information About the Quality Included

Within Our Oil Blends, and Other Services Provided.


HiKee oil blends are safe for everyday use & can be used everywhere externally on your body, including your face, temples, & décolletage!
*You won't break out!

We use Organic Grapeseed & Jojoba oils as part of our fractionated carrier oil (FCO) formula to provide skin with great moisture and maximum absorbency. 


These FCOs, combined with premium essential oils, help avoid greasy film settling over skin after application.  Our oils easily soak into pores, speeding up the reactive properties in our blends.

*Review each product's ingredients list to ensure user will not have allergic reactions to our FCOs or essential oils being used per recipe.

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